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Brilliantnovel Unrivaled Medicine God novel – Chapter 2159 – You Seem Very Disappointed knowledgeable shivering share-p1
Unrivaled Medicine God

NovelUnrivaled Medicine GodUnrivaled Medicine God
Chapter 2159 – You Seem Very Disappointed null nut
The moment these words came out, it stunned the complete Purpledragon Stronghold.
Ye Yuan reported by using a look which was not just a grin, “Heavenly Emperor Ao Xu planning to discover us, you wished to ensure whether or not we had been murdered, ideal?”
Ao Yu also smiled a little bit as he listened to it and said, “Second Granddad does points thoroughly, eliminating an excellent calamity during my cardiovascular in my situation! Second Grandfather, rest a.s.sured. When I step into Perfect Dragon Mountain peak in the future, I definitely won’t forget Secondly Uncle’s goodness.”
A Boy of the Heavenly Dragon being destroyed was comparable to a heaven stronghold’s dragon lord being killed. That was a major event.
But this subject was indeed fishy!
Purpledragon Stronghold’s Dragon Lord frowned slightly, no clue what he was contemplating.
Ao Xu possessed a remorseful and angry appear, packed with an ashamed and indignant expression.
What happened? Divine Emperor Ao Xu is definitely about to avenge me?”
Dragon Lord gifted him a glance using a strong this means, simply let out a sigh, and mentioned, “Forget it. This make any difference wasn’t that which you hoped for. That Bandit Xiao is really cunning. Whether or not a Incredible Emperor went, it’s also useless. This matter, this emperor asks for penalties from Divine Dragon Hill.”
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A Kid on the Incredible Dragon remaining killed was comparable to a heaven stronghold’s dragon lord getting killed. Which had been an important occurrence.
What happened? Incredible Emperor Ao Xu is in fact gonna avenge me?”
Unrivaled Medicine God
Purpledragon Stronghold’s Dragon Lord frowned a bit, not a clue what he was planning.
Unrivaled Medicine God
“Heavenly Emperor Ao Xu is normally sort toward others inside the stronghold and is regarded as the amiable and approachable Incredible Emperor leader. How should he possibly be Bandit Xiao’s boss?”
with Sibling Yu’s toughness, you’ll definitely radiate splendor on the Challenge of Dragon Sons this period!”
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At Purpledragon Stronghold, several Son on the Divine Dragons were actually already prepared and expecting instructions to create off of.
“This brat wouldn’t be wild, right? To successfully frame Incredible Emperor Ao Xu?”
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Ao Xu reacted right away, indicating by incorporating awkwardness,
If not, Purpledragon Stronghold acquired a great number of Divine Emperor powerhouses, how could Long Xiao, only a 4th Firmament Empyrean, exist until recently?
Ao Xu wiped away his tears, got before Dragon Lord, knelt direct downwards, and reported in suffering and indignation, “Dragon Lord, Ao Xu demands to head to Cloudheaven Mountain / hill Collection to completely clean up Bandit Xiao! Now, whether or not I stand up secure for 100 thousand several years, Ao Xu also must eliminate them all!”
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In a natural way, there had been more people who failed to believe it.
“Even if he’s a Daughter of your Incredible Dragon, also, he can’t provide a false consideration of the specifics and invert white and black!”
A Boy in the Divine Dragon becoming destroyed was equal to a heaven stronghold’s dragon lord being murdered. Which has been a serious incident.
“What? The employer powering Bandit Xiao is Perfect Emperor Ao Xu? Just how do this be achievable?”
When Ao Xu read this news, his concept transformed extremely. Thumping his fists and stomping his legs, he stated, “H-Just how can this be? This … This is certainly my mistake! Otherwise personally departing them in Cloudheaven Mountain peak Collection, additionally they wouldn’t have run across Bandit Xiao, that lot of vicious and unrestrained gang!”

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